Mayor Announces “Some-Tolerance” Drug Policy For City Employees

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May 10, 2018 - Local

In a long-anticipated move, Pasadena Mayor Robert Sanchez held a press conference this afternoon to announce the end of the city’s “zero- tolerance” drug policy for city employees and replace it with a “some-tolerance” initative.

“We tried zeo-tolerance. It was an interesting idea. But we’re always evolving as a city and we will continue to do that,” he told reporters.

“Crack is going to be allowed, obviously. And tranquilizers. We’re going to do this the smart way.”

The city had instituted a zero-tolerance policy in 2008 in response to the rising opiod epidemic. But officials from the mayor’s office have long claimed that the initiative has stopped Mayor Sanches from doing important business.

“Let’s keep in mind. This is not “complete tolerance.” There will be occassions when drugs will not be tolerated,” he told reporters.

“I can’t think of an example of such an occasion right now, but just take my word for it,” he said.