Mayor Admits He’s Been Zoning Out For Last 3 Terms


June 16, 2016 - Local

In a shockingly candid speech, Mayor Robert Sanchez admitted he hasn’t been paying much attention to his job or city matters for his last three terms.

“I’ve been kind of spacey lately. Not really focused on work stuff. The city seems ok though right?” he asked reporters outside of city hall while perusing on his iPhone.

“Is what’s-her-name still the County Commissioner? God, I hated her. You know, the lady with the big hat?” he added.

Members of city counsel say the mayor’s admission helps explain why city hall has struggled to pass resolutions in recent years.

“We knew something was up when he didn’t sign that bill that would have given him a 300% raise. It was a test,” said councilmember Chris Stanley.

But other city officials say they the mayor is establishing an important precedent.

“Whew, I’m glad I’m not the only one,” said Rebecca Lawrence, leader of the Pasadena Minority Protection And Development Committee.

“I’m a big Angels fan and I’ve just been really into reading about them, and sports podcasts and stuff. I want to go to more games,” she said.

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