Editorial: Marriage Is A Capitalist Form Of Social Control. We’re Only 26, Anyway!


June 1, 2015 - Uncategorized

By George Diegner Jr., Alhambra 

Honey, I love you and I’m in love with you. Your beauty, wit, and strength forever make me want to be your bae. Which is why I want to be absolutely honest in telling you why I haven’t proposed.

Marriage is a capitalist form of social control and I feel morally uncomfortable participating in that institution. Yup. That’s the reason.

Not going to abide by this heteronormative structural brainwashing. Not at 26, anyway, when I’ve only slept with five and a half women.

It’s a form of control, which has been key to anti-black violence and shaming, and I just can’t be pinned down like that. Not by the corporate political state. Definitely not when we still have so much youth left and I haven’t even done my month-long bike tour in Guam or eaten pomegranate.

It’s like with my high school girlfriend, Jenny. Ugh. She was so corporate. You’re nothing like her. She’d carve into trees “Jenny + George 4ever” and make me promise that I’d never leave her. That summer, every minute felt like a year in Eden, demonstrating what capitalists call love’s power to rob us of material reality. One day, I spied her fully submitting to class hegemony in the form of making out with a popular lacrosse player named Abdul.

I would have been heartbroken if love were not a social construct.

Ever since then, I’ve realized we need to think outside the shackles of market society such as ‘marriage’ and ‘committed long-term relationships’ and ‘not thinking of leaving.’

While this may not be what you want, I hope you will understand that my reasons for not proposing are principled and philosophical.

Also, baby, would you mind doing dinner with your sister and her boyfriend on your own? The NBA Finals are on tonight and couples dating is awfully bourgeois.