Man Who Photographed Himself Every Day For 20 Years – “Stop Writing Articles About Me”


June 9, 2015 - Universe

The star of a viral video who took a photo of himself every day for 20 years has asked that reporters stop writing articles on the subject.

John Hayden Tuttle, who took the photos of himself and uploaded a time-lapse video to Youtube, says he had no idea the video would go viral.

“I did it for my daughter, who won’t get to know me because I have cancer. I thought Youtube would be the easiest way for her to watch it. I didn’t really think 6 million other people would see it too,” he said.

The video has actually been viewed 14 million times in over 300 countries. Tuttle’s story has been featured in hundreds of periodicals, and a parody of the video starring John C. Reilly was posted on

“Playing Tuttle was a real challenge, since he wouldn’t answer my phone calls. But I stalked him on online and think I was able to get the part down. In our version I photograph myself eating pizza every day and get really fat.” said Reilly.

Tuttle says he has not seen the parody video, and has no plans on watching it or any of the other video responses to his original.

“This was not a stunt. I get that it’s a nice story, with my daughter and the cancer thing. But I am getting hundreds of phone calls and yesterday I found a Daily Mail reporter in my chimney.” he said.

“Please. I’m not even the first person to make this kind of video. Just leave me alone.”