Man Uses To Determine He’s A Huge Disappointment


May 14, 2016 - Local

According to sources, local accountant Brad Humphries utilized to determine he is not coming close to living up to his genetic potential.

After discovering he was a direct descendant of such notable figures as Prince Charles II, Thomas Jefferson, and Mickey Mantle, Humpries realized he was in fact a huge disappointment.

“Wow…I must have some pretty great genes,” said the man who is also a blood relative of Mozart.

“It kind of makes me wonder if…I don’t know…I could have been better?”

His mother Gertrude says she always knew Brad was a huge disappointment.

“Forget Betsy Ross…even his dumbass sister got into Dartmouth,” she told reporters.

“His problem is that he has no self-confidence and he’s really fuckin’ stupid.” she added.


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