Man, It Sure Is Fun Pretending To Be All These Different Kinds Of People!


October 8, 2015 - Uncategorized / Universe

by God

Whoopee! Well, I gotta tell you I’m having a blast today being God and being able to experience everything in the universe at once. Including experiencing what it’s like to be every person in the world.

First I was this baker guy in France. I rode my bike to work, and baked a ton of delicious rolls! They smelled soooo good. A stray dog came over during lunch and I gave him a baguette. It was so cute!

Then I was a real estate agent in Detroit. I had spent all my family’s monthly income on cocaine again and my wife decided she was going to leave me. Such drama! Lol. But actually it was really sad.

Hum de dumm dumm….now I’m a nuclear technician in the Czech Republic. Whoopsee-doodle I just hit the wrong button and now there’s gonna be an explosion! AAAHHH! Haha.

Now I’m a lion! ROAAARRRR!! Cool! I ate a gazelle!

Now I’m the gazelle being eaten by the lion! Ow! That wasn’t nearly as fun as being the lion ha!

Anyway, if I had to offer some advice to people, it would be this:

Lighten up! Being alive is cool enough on it’s own, why get all bogged down in the details? Good life, bad life, weird life, sad life, it’s all neat.

Take it from me, I’m God! I would know!

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