Local Student Finally Comfortable In His Own, Terrible Skin


July 27, 2015 - Local

According to his friends and family, local college student Raymond Watters is finally comfortable being the god-awful human being he is on the inside.

Friend Rebecca Davis, who has known Watters since elementary school, confirmed the biology major at Pasadena City College is finally being honest with others about how terrible and irritating he is.

“Ray used to care what people thought about him, so he’d try to hide his douchiness and stupidity” she told The Pasadenoid.

But now he feels really comfortable walking into a room full of strangers and knowing in a short period of time everyone in that room will dislike him,” she added.

Raymond’s mother, Elizabeth, says she is proud of her son for accepting his true self and not letting others dictate his actions.

“It’s nice to see he’s not so awkward anymore. Though I do admit, it would have been ideal if he had turned into a likable person that was comfortable in his own skin,” she said.

“But I guess at least people won’t have to gradually realize what a prick he is. Now they’ll figure it our right away. And if someone does decide they actually like what he’s offering, for some reason I personally can’t fathom, Ray will know it’s real.”