Local Man Eats Burritos For All Three Meals


March 5, 2017 - Local

According to sources, Pasadena resident Brian Davis regularly consumes burritos for every meal in a day.

“I like to start off with a breakfast burrito from Lupita’s or Taco Stop. The former has a delicious green chili sauce that goes great with the eggs,” he toldĀ The Pasadenoid.

Following his breakfast, Davis will usually travel to East LA for lunch at one of the area’s many heralded Mexican restaurants.

“East LA is clearly the best place to get a lunch-time burrito. The key is to get one that is filling but not too draining, so you can make it to the dinner burrito,” he said.

Davis says he once even ate burritos for every meal in a week.

“It completely destroyed my insides,” he told our newspaper.

“But I have no regrets whatsoever,” he added.

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