Local Legend Demoted To Figure


October 2, 2016 - Local

According to city officials, locally-born baseball player Rod Starner has been demoted from a town hero to simply a notable ‘figure’.

“When Rod became the youngest pitcher to win a playoff game for the Red Sox, we thought we had someone we could name a school after,” said Mayor Sanchez.

“But after he was sent back to the minors following a sophomore slump and two Tommy John surgeries it’s clear that he won’t be the legend this town deserves,” he added.

Starner says the decision was hard to accept given his dedication to serving the community.

“I started a charity that has given┬ácollege scholarships to nearly six hundred students in Pasadena,” he said.

“But I suppose like all my other problems it really comes down to my disappointing baseball career,” he added.