Local Lamb Just Not Feeling It Today


January 26, 2016 - Local

Sources close to Altadena farmer Rex Daniels say one of his lambs, named Rodney, just isn’t feeling it today.

“Rodney seems pretty out of it. I don’t know if he woke up on the wrong side of bed or what. But it looks like he’s just not having it today,” said Daniels.

“The doctor said he’s fine physically, so it must be something else,” he added.

Rodney The Lamb could not be reached for comment, but his agent sent us the following statement via email:

While Rodney takes great pride in his life and work, recently he has been dealing with some personal afflictions including depression and anxiety. We ask you respect his privacy during this very personal time. Rodney hopes to be back on his lamb-feet as quickly as possible.

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