Lifestyle: How to Balance Time Between Your Demanding Job and Raising Your Hermit Crabs


January 10, 2018 - Culture

With a demanding job in the year in the modern age, it can be difficult to find time for the things you love. Smart phones and wifi make it almost impossible to be out of your coworkers reach when you are off the clock. So how is it possible to maintain a busy work life while also taking the necessary time to tend to your pet hermit crabs? Our writers compiled some helpful advice:

1. Take a break from email when you can

Don’t worry, those emails piling up in your inbox will still be there when you go back to the office on Monday. Hermit crabs love eye contact, so make sure to give them your full gaze when you are spending time with them on the weekends. If anyone at the office really needs to reach you, they will call!

2. Make feeding time about more than just eating

While it may be tempting to just dump some Rice-A-Roni on top of the newspaper in their cage, feeding time can actually be a bonding experience that doubles as a necessary part of keeping your hermit crabs alive. Instead of making a new meal just for them, try hand-feeding some of your own dinner to your hermies. They will love the nutrients, and adore the attention. Who knows? You might even just get a little ‘love pinch’ in the process!

3. Bring your hermit crabs to work with you

A popular option among the most passionate owners of hermit crabs, you may find bringing your pets to work allows you to strengthen bonds with both your coworkers and the creatures you love. Your hermit crabs will come to understand that you have more going on in your life than just them, and your coworkers will come to understand that you have a special relationship with hermit crabs.

4. Consider an occupation that features working with hermit crabs

If you are really having difficulty finding a balance between work life and hermie life, you may want to consider finding a job that requires you to handle the creatures. A pet store clerk, for example, will spend time feeding them, washing them, and throwing their carcasses in the trash when they die. A veterinarian may also find limited hermit crab patients.

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