Liberal Internet Mounts Surprise Attack on Iggy Azalea


December 23, 2014 - Uncategorized

In a surprise offensive on a strategic Pop Culture stronghold, the Liberal Internet commanded its troops Monday morning into an attack designed to topple Iggy Azalea. The full-scale blitz included social media scatter bombings, a twitter ground-raid, and snarky and faux-intellectual blog post bombardments

According to analysts, the singer represents a tactical base that could be crucial for future Liberal Internet attacks on major Pop Culture fortifications such as the Grammys. While analysts were initially surprised at the timing of the attack, they say an unplanned and temporary armistice on the Brown-Garner Front allowed for the Liberal Internet to redeploy its resources.

The Liberal Internet mounted a similar operation last year, resulting in the Battle of Macklemore.

The barrage appears to be an assessment of Azalea’s weakness, which has considerable followers but lacks basic intelligence capabilities. Azalea has few allies and weak ties even to the Anonymous Right Wing Racist Defense Force (ARWRDF), which has battled the Liberal Internet in multiple proxy wars but is ideologically distant from Azalea.

The Liberal Internet laid siege after Azalea sustained considerable damage in a skirmish with Azaelia Banks, the latter of which is considered a low-level force in the region. When no allied forces came to Azalea’s defense, the Liberal Internet sensed opportunity and moved troops toward Azalea.

The Liberal Internet emphasizes that it is not affiliated with Banks in any way.