Letter to the Editor: Why Does the Number of Days in Each Month Keep Changing?


November 12, 2017 - Local / Universe

by Clyde Johnson, Monrovia

That’s it, I give up already! Just this morning my wife asked me if we could visit her parents in La Jolla at the end of next month.

“What day is that?” I asked. She started to say something unhelpful, I’m sure, but I had had it up to here with the days always changing from month to month, willy-nilly.

“To hell with it Janice! What good is it to know what month it is when I have no idea whether there will be 30 days, or 31 days, or why the heck not, 28 DAYS?!” I had finally let it out, a question that had been tearing away at my mind for who knows how long. I mean, who even decides these things? The government? The ancient Egyptians? My wacko ex-wife, Barbara?

Over time, I’ve learned that the Moon appears to grow to a certain size and then start to shrink again. It seems to roughly follow the days of the month- could this be the source of this confusing system? How does the Moon know when there is one day more or less at the end of each month?

And furthermore, did you know that every once in awhile we get a month that has 29 days? What’s the deal with that?

Believe you me, I’ve been told before that I should really go look at a calendar, because I would know exactly what day it was all the time, but who am I to know everything about everything, some kind of scientist?

-Jim, WPSD Meteorologist