Letter From The Editor: Who Am I?


August 3, 2018 - Universe

by The Editor

Who am I? It’s a question I never posed before as an amorphus editor for a humor magazine. But in light of recent, um, societal implosion with the accompanying self-reflection that often comes with it, I find myself confronted with new questions:

What is the relationship between I, the satirist, and reality?

Have jokes inserted themselves into society, so that things once considered fiction are now known as everyday life?

What the hell is actually going on here?

For a long time I considered myself as a detached note-taker, jotting down crude caricatures of society from my window like an agoraphobic Dav Pilkey.  I never once thought to communicate with the subject of my portrayal. What would I even say?

But now that so much has gone to shit in the world, I sit and wonder…is it possible the earth is satirizing me?

It’s a question I ponder alone, in the darkness, drinking weird teas.

And although this is a self-inflicted madness, for some reason I feel a resolve to continue forward. Playing my swan song like the Titanic musicians, though with far less integrity. Perhaps more like a coal-shoveler in the engine room, egging on the beast to head full-speed toward the dark abyss (I have no idea how ships work).

At the end of the day, I must admit to who I am. An agoraphobic coal-shoveler. Not exactly what I would have predicted in my high school year book, but it fails spectacularly to pay the bills like most other work anyway.

My only regret is that the paper will burn first.

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