Leaked Documents Reveal Mayor’s 2030 Masterplan Consists Solely Of Banner That Says ‘Pasadena 2030′


August 22, 2016 - Local

Leaked documents obtained by The Pasadenoid reveal that a masterplan for Pasadena for the next 24 years, entitled the “2030 Pasadena Masterplan’, contains no other actual plans than to have a banner.

Mayor Robert Sanchez addressed the leak at a press conference this afternoon.

“Well, first of all, it’s going to be a really nice banner. We got a great deal from Office Max,” he told reporters.

“And we have other ideas besides the banner. Lots of ideas. So many.”

But when questioned about what those ideas were, Mayor Sanchez struggled to provide specifics.

“Uh…there’s going to be some kind of train. Probably. Like a future-train thing,” he said.

“And you have to understand just how incredible the banner is going to be. One day it will be known as a local landmark.” he said.

City councilwoman Janice Lewis says besides the content of the leak, the timing is problematic as well.

“I just had a baby, like, 36 minutes ago,” she told The Pasadenoid.

“How did you get in here anyway? Nurse! How did these people get into my room?” she added.

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