League Of Racist Firefighters Demands More Attention To Their Cause


June 10, 2015 - Universe

Leaders from the League Of Racist Firefighters And Other Intolerant Emergency Responders (LORFAOIER) have come out to demand more national attention to their cause.

They say recent focus on racism within police forces have distracted the public from noticing their own transgressions.

“Every day, firefighters, EMS workers, dispatch operators, and paramedics are regularly engaged in horrible, intolerant behavior across this country,” said the group’s president Richard Schaeffer.

“Yet the police make all the headlines. Where is the cell phone video of me allowing that Romanian couple to die in that barn fire? Huh? Do I have to upload it to Youtube myself?” he asked.

Ronald Barton, a paramdeic based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, says he won’t change his ways until someone posts video of him online and he is placed on paid leave.

“I mean, look. I’ll do CPR on a white person. But am I really going to try? That should be for the courts to decide. But so far no one has called me out,” he said.

A representative from the NAACP could not be reached by phone for comment, but sent The Pasadenoid the following statement:

We at the NAACP understand that there are a ton of racist assholes out there. We’re getting to them as fast as we can. In the meantime we urge everyone to NOT CALL AL SHARPTON it will only make things worse trust us.