Job Board: November

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November 6, 2016 - Local

Turkish Guy

Ok, I can’t explain the whole situation right now but basically my girlfriend needs to think I have a wealthy Turkish friend. Must be at least 6’6 and have a mustache that goes down to the floor. THANKS!


Hi there. Coach fell out his truck and got all dead, so we need someone to coach us football. We got a game Sunday and the team don’t know what to do. We need you, new coach.

Vietnamese Girl

Hey, it’s the same guy from the Turkish Guy ad. I also need a Vietnamese woman who is an excellent golfer. Professional tour experience required. Must be allergic to walnuts and able to prove it at any given moment.

Job-Board Poster

I can’t take this anymore. It’s so depressing. All of these hopeless people applying for terrible jobs for minimum wage. Someone needs to take this over from me.


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