Job Board: May

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May 8, 2016 - Local


Look we’re not gonna sugar-coat it. The python is extremely dangerous and the last three handlers died. Do you want the job or what?

Characters For Narnia-Themed Orgy

May be subject to punny catcalls like “I’d like to explore your wardrobe” and “Get that Ass-lan into bed”.

Decent-Paying Entry Level Job

Psych! This isn’t a real thing and we both know it. I’m just a recruiter with too much time on my hands trying to ruin some people’s day.

Donald Trump’s Mom

Our candidate just gave an interview on CBS talking about his kind mom, so now we need someone who can play that role. His real mom died years ago in Germany. Apparently she was a Nazi but the other Nazis didn’t like her because she was too mean so they shot her. This is the shit we deal with every day.


Witch’s Colony seeking new recruits. Must be able to laugh like this: “Yehehehehehehe”