Job Board – June

job board

June 9, 2016 - Local

Actor To Play Gorilla Ghost In PETA Commercial

It’s going to be a parody of that Jim Carey movie where he died. What was it called? Jack something? I don’t remember you can Google it or whatever.

Office Racist

Every good office needs one! We’re looking for a dedicated team-player with a passion for racism and experience in account management. Should be comfortable making tasteless comments in meetings that make everyone uncomfortable. No women.

Magic Photo Guy?

So my friend showed me this photo of Lebron riding a unicycle with Bette Midler. I’m pretty sure that never happened…so how does that photo exist? Is there some kind of magician out there who could show me how to do that?


Town in need of bohemian to fuck around, paint stuff. Vagabonds need not apply.

Assistant To The Huge Asshole

Our boss Mick needs an assistant. He’s a huge fucking asshole who will make your life miserable. Position comes with retirement benefits, but again he’s really an asshole.

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