Job Board: July

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July 5, 2016 - Universe


Quick! We need someone to tame this coyote before it- oh no! Nevermind, It’s too late.

Part-Time Job That Requires Massive Application Process

Hello, we are a grocery store looking for a part-time bagger. Interested individuals should submit a resume, cover letter, employment history, and 3 professional references to be considered for the first round of interviews.

Elementary School Principal

Ok, you think you can deal with these little brats better than I can? Please! Be my guest! I can’t wait to see the school go down the shitter with you at the helm. When can you start? Jerk.

Vice-Presidential Nominee

You guys, I’m running for president and it’s going to be great. And I need someone to stand by me and look smart, because I’m going to say some dumb shit. Let’s do this.

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