Jackass To Star In Local Production Of ‘My Fair Lady’


August 17, 2015 - Culture / Local / Uncategorized

According to various reports, local jackass Evan Thompson will play a featured role in the Pasadena Players’ upcoming production of My Fair Lady.

Thompson, who is the son of wealthy entrepreneur S. S. Thompson (and Evan clarifies, while there is considerable debate over whether he is or is not a boat, at this point he can only say that it is a complicated issue that deserves careful thought and attention), was offered a leading role after he gave a substantial donation to the organization.

“I’m motherfucking Annie!” he exclaimed after receiving notice he would play Professor Henry Higgins in the show’s eight-week run in Los Angeles.

Reaction from other players has been mixed. Mitch Albright, who has toured with the company since its inception in 1849, says the choice was not made under ideal circumstances.

“Sure, he’s hot. And rich. But it takes more than a pretty ass and a bank account to put on a convincing Professor Higgins,” he said.

“When it’s curtains up at Morongo, we’ll see if he has the nerves to shake that booty like the late great Rex Harrison,” he added.

But Thompson says he is only excited, not nervous, by the opportunity.

“Woop! Woop! Woop!” he said through a megaphone while riding his bike in circles through his neighborhood.

In the meantime, residents can buy tickets to the performance starting on Thursday. The musical is set to run in various playhouses across the county through the fall at venues such as the Pasadena Playhouse and the October 3rd taping of The Price Is Right.

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