If loving Lauryn Hill’s song “To Zion” makes me a Zionist, then hot-diggity-dog I’m a Zionist


August 12, 2015 - Universe

By Ahmed Al Subaiee

Hello. My name is Ahmed and I live in Riyadh. The kids at school beat me up and the teachers do not stop them. Even adults are mean to me. It is for one reason; I am a Zionist.

Yes, I am proud to write it.

I love Lauryn Hill’s song “To Zion.” If that makes me a Zionist, then hot-diggity-dog I’ll scream it from the highest hills.

The kids at school, their parents, even my own family tells me that to be for Zionism is to be against Muslims. In fact, I love my fellow Muslims and I am proud of my home country of Saudi Arabia.

But I believe that they are wrong about Zionism. “To Zion” is a beautiful song that reminds me of my mother’s love. I tear when I hear it. Ms. Hill’s voice is, as she sings about her son Zion, something only God could create so I do not believe it is against Islam.

Why do they feel so passionately about Zionism? Ms. Hill only wants to create great music and celebrate the birth of her child.

I am also told that Israel’s Bibi wishes to kill Muslims. Muslims can be so weird. They do not like Lauryn Hill. They do not even like the great blues singer Bibi King.

May Allah bless Lauryn Hill and her Zionism and Bibi. And, also, my favorite drink, which sometimes people also do not like. Juice.