I Think I’ve Got My Swagger Back!


April 22, 2017 - Local

by Maggie Davis, Altadena

Well hi ho! Would you look at me? I’m doing quite well! In good spirits! On the up and up!

You might even say I have my “swagger” back!

Yes, all my affairs are coming together quite nicely. I had hit a rough patch there for a while, and things were looking rather bleak. I won’t go into too much detail but let’s just say Elizabeth is dead and there’s nothing that will bring her back. And there’s no reason I should rot in prison for something that can’t be definitively proven in a court of law.

The point is, that’s over now, and I’m feeling great! I could go for a steak or a good fuck. A drink would be nice.

Mama Maggie has got her groove back. And I’m ready to hit the town! Let’s get some crazy outfits with feathers and go to Morongo. No one will recognize me from the news reports if I wear a mask! Haha!

Let’s boogie and woogie and do some coke. Just can’t get too crazy. Or it might end up like that night in Youngstown…

Speaking of that night, you know who would love this? Elizabeth! We should invite her to come to Morongo! Oh wait…that’s right. Never mind on that.

Well whatever!  Nothing can “kill” my vibe right now if you catch my drift. I’m “swaggarific”. “Swagtastic.” “Swagadacious.”

So look out world! I’m coming for you! And if anyone has a problem with it, I advise them to talk to the family of the last person who tried to get in my way. It didn’t end too well for that last person. Just saying! Shit’s going to get real, real quick.

Because I’ve got my swagger back. And I’m a carrying a knife.

Let’s hit the casino!

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