Editorial: I Am Not Your Monkey


February 2, 2016 - Universe

by Pepe The Monkey

To Whom It May Concern,

I am not your monkey. Despite what you may have been told, I am not here to jump at your request. To do whatever you want as soon as you want it. To dance for money.

I do not exist simply to do your bidding with an ignorant smile. I am not going to play the monkey-tambourine or cymbals just because you have told me to. I am not going bite that thief who stole from your apple cart for you.

The truth is, I belong to everyone. I am the People’s Monkey. I dance when The People want me to dance. I show my gums for them. I play my monkey-cymbals for the droves of the poor.

So you can try to hold me down, teach me tricks, give me bananas. And I just might take the banana. But I won’t dance for you. Not unless everyone else wants it too.

I am a monkey for all. Not just for you. Don’t ever forget it.

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