I Am A Cheer Dad. This Is My Story.


November 9, 2015 - Local

by Robert Hendricks

Hello. My name is Robert. And for the last 10 years I have lived a double life.

During the day, I am senior accountant Robert Hendricks. I compute numbers on spreadsheets. I go to school board meetings. I eat paint (it’s a personal issue, don’t worry about it).

But twice a month in the evenings, I transform into something else. Someone with passion. Emotion. Cheer.

Yes, that’s right. Twice a month, I am a ‘Cheer Dad’. I dress up in a cheerleading costume and perform cheers with other fathers to root on our little girls at their competitions.

And now I am finally ready to tell my story to the world.

At first, I thought being a Cheer Dad would be nothing but a lark. A way to get my 12-year-old daughter to shut up about wanting me to be a Cheer Dad. So I went to a few meetings, got drunk, and did some cheering. It was easy enough,

But as the practices went on, I realized something. I was actually enjoying it. 

When I cheer, it’s like I’ve been transported to a vortex of enthusiasm and clairvoyant ethics. Home team is good. Away team is bad. We want home team to win. We cheer and cheer until the game is over.

When I cheer, I put my legs in the air and just yell! Yell, for no reason other than to express my infinite exuberance in the moment! It’s exhilarating!

So next time you see me around the water cooler, and think to yourself ‘this might be the most boring man on earth’, remember that what you see is only half of who I truly am.

I wear many hats: dad, accountant, Bon Jovi fan, paint-eater….but now I am proud to announce another part of my identity to you all:

I. Am. A Cheer Dad.

Rah rah sisboombah.

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