Hipster Bar Inside Of Live Whale Abdomen “A Bit Much”, Say Patrons


September 15, 2015 - Culture

A new local hipster hotspot off the coast of La Jolla is getting a strong reaction from locals. Called “Dive”, the bar is the first of its kind to be set inside of a live whale’s abdomen.

“I enjoy bars in obscure places like old factories and hair salons, but this seems a bit overboard,” said Rebecca Linares, a local hipster.

“I mean, you need like diving equipment to go to this place. I’m not taking six weeks of scuba lessons to go to a bar. Even if they make bomb moscow mules,” she added.

The bar’s owner, Liktha Schlerkliest, says the bar’s critics are just ignorant of her advanced European sensibilities.

“In Europe, when rich people tell you something is cool you don’t ask questions. You go inside the fucking whale stomach,” she said.

“We would never be having these kinds of problem in Europe,” she added.

The blue whale is tied to a dock off the shores of La Jolla, is 105-feet long and weighs over 200 tons. He told The Pasadenoid he has taken criticism over the establishment personally.

“When I signed up for this, no one told me my feelings would get hurt,” he said.


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