Friends Hope Teen’s Increasingly Psychotic Facebook Posts Just A Phase


December 13, 2015 - Local

According to multiple sources, friends and family of local teenager Keith Warren are hoping his increasingly deranged Facebook posts and comments are just a phase and not indicative of an oncoming mental health issue.

“When he started posting those death metal songs, it was around the time he broke up with Cassie so I figured he was just in a rough place,” said friend Aaron Daniels.

“But then in March, he started with the poetry, and it’s just been a spiral from there,” he added.

Warren’s mother Angela says she has been monitoring the posts with grave concern.

“In his recent Facebook note, he says, ‘The world is but a tapestry of hell’s languish’. Is that a quote from something?” she told The Pasadenoid.

“I really hope it’s a quote from something,” she said.

“That Cassie bitch did a real number on him,” she added.

Our newspaper obtained a copy of Daniels’ latest note and have published an excerpt below:

‘The world is but a tapestry of hell’s languish’, said the messiah.

Have you heard the bells?

Damn you Cassie! I keep thinking about that magical day we spent at Six Flags. Are those memories supposed to settle into dust? We’re going to just pretend it never happened?

No one will understand my pain! My curse will lend humanity to the Grand Spectre! 

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