Ford Issues Recall Of 2014 Kansas City Sales Team


November 15, 2015 - Universe

In a surprising move, Ford announced today a recall of their entire 2014 Kansas City sales team, citing performance issues and inherent flaws detrimental to their performance.

“When we rolled out the ’14 units, we were sure we had a winning group in Kansas City,” said company spokesperson Rebecca Reynolds.

“But now it has become apparent the sales team has fundamental design flaws, such as stupidity and weakness, which prevent the team from functioning properly. Thus we are issuing a recall of the entire staff,” she said.

Tamara Jones, a member of the recalled team, says the decision leaves her without a proper place to be.

“It’s been a whirlwind. A week ago I was a normal person with a sales job. Now I’m a ‘mistake’ filled with ‘defects’, she toldĀ The Pasadenoid.

“I feel completely unwanted and alone. This must be how the 2003 Ford Windstar feels.”

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