Firefighters Mistakenly Put Out Wrong Resident’s Fire


August 28, 2016 - Local

According to officials, firefighters mistakenly responded to the wrong fire after a dispatcher sent them to an address on East Washington Boulevard for a report of a garage fire.

The officers instead drove to the same address on West Washington Boulevard put out a dirty rag fire burning in the resident’s backyard.

“Ah no, my fire!” said resident Jimmy Webb when he realized what the firefighters had done.

“My dirty rag fire is ruined! What  am I supposed to do all evening now?” he asked.

Fire Chief Gregory Broderick says the firefighters will be disciplined for their actions. But he is thankful a worse tragedy was averted.

“That fire they were supposed to go to could have been a real disaster,” he told reporters.

“Fortunately, a local crazy man happened to be spraying sand out of a leaf blower in the area and was able to put out the flames,” he said.


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