Feminists Need To Stop Belittling The Male Gays


May 27, 2015 - Universe

By Jeff Litella

There’s been a vicious homophobia growing in our culture and the perpetrator is the group you’d least expect. Feminists. You’d think being a victim of patriarchy would make them more compassionate but radical feminists are waging a cruel word-war against homosexuals for reasons that I cannot understand.

Here are a few quotes I’ve heard recently from self-described feminists:

“We must remove the male gays from all aspects of our culture and, in particular, movies and advertisements.”

“The male gays turns [sic] women into an object of sexual gratification.”

“We will never be equal as long as the male gays exists [sic] and perpetuates [sic] the patriarchy.”

Three responses:

1) Uh, gays have much a right to be in movies and ads as anyone else. So what if they’re male.

2) How do the male gays objectify women? Sexually? They don’t even find women attractive. If anything, the female gays objectify women but I don’t think they do either.

3) I’m sorry if you think two men being in loving relationships is ‘patriarchy’ but that’s no reason to talk about anti-gay genocide!!!

Why is it that women’s and media studies professors can talk about the male gays in such a horrible way but Bill O’Reilly can’t? Frankly, I think that these feminists have even worse things to say about the male gays than every Fox News host and christian preacher combined.

We need to hold feminists to the same standards of tolerance as everyone else.

I’m sorry, what? It’s “gaze.” Well, that’s different.