Fashion: Hats A Fun Way To Accessorize Your Head


July 17, 2016 - Universe

By Lisa Rogers, fashion critic

You guys, it’s summer 2016! And if this summer has taught has anything…anything at all…it’s that hats are totally in! And they’re frickin’ cool!

Hats are a fun and sexy way to make your head say things like ‘I love baseball!’ and ‘I’m a coal-miner!’ The brims of hats can keep you cool from the shade, and you can store things under them like coins and pins!

Some hats have spinny things that you can twirl! Others are more serious or indicative of a specific belief or religion. We have also seen hats with straps and buckles. Check out this photo of Khloe Kardashian wearing one!

Red hats, green hats, hats are everywhere this summer! Even the kiddies are wearing them to the beach. So don’t miss out! Find a hat that works for you, and join us all in wearing them on our heads!

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