Editorial: What We’re Really Missing Is Wayne Gretzky’s Take On These Cultural And Political Issues


October 1, 2017 - Universe

by Jim Horace, Pasadena resident and longtime Rangers fan

There are a lot of people speaking out on issues related to race, police brutality, and other important political issues. I think that’s great.

But there’s one voice that so far has provided little to no commentary on these issues. One voice that is desperately needed to unite people of all creeds and colors together in harmonious everlasting peace.

I’m talking about The Great One. Yes, Wayne Gretzky.

Gretzky’s silence on the political turmoil of our time is a disaster. There are thousands of people around the country taking a stand against prejudice and injustice right now. Yet not of these individuals has ever scored a hat-track against Montreal. Not ONE of them. How are we supposed to take these issues seriously if that’s the case?

Gretzky needs to stand up and say something non-committal, such as, “I have good friends on both sides of the issue and I think there are important things to be said.” Oh yeah, that would do it.

Or what about, “I’m just a hockey player, not a politician.” That might not heal ALL of our divisions, but it would at least fix MOST of them.

We can’t just sit here and pretend Cornel West set the NHL record for assists in the 1984-1985 season. We can’t act like Tom Brokaw beat Gordie Howe’s record for most goals in a career. It’s just not the same as getting the words straight from the Great One himself.


Now look, do I think our society will be magically healed following a statement from Gretzky? No, no, no.

Well…actually…yeah. Probably.

He’s done the unthinkable before. Who could forget his three goals against the Sabers in ’94 to clinch the playoff spot? Or when he did that ad campaign for Diet Coke? These are moments that make us all proud to be Americans, no matter what our opinions on political issues are.

So let’s go Gretzky. America is at war with itself, and only you can save it. Please save our country like you saved the Rangers from drifting into mediocrity in the mid-90s.

Your our only hope, Wayne Gretzky. Deliver us to freedom.