Editorial: We Can Call It TrumpCare, Can I Just Not Die From Leukemia?


January 15, 2017 - Universe

by Rebecca Donaldson, Pasadena

Look guys, I’ll be honest. I know Obamacare has a lot of critics. And I know there is a strong political component to this debate.

But can we just change the name to Trumpcare and be done with it? I’m really trying to not die from Leukemia here.

I get it. For Trump, Obama = bad. Fine. Obama is the worst. Now can I have that stem cell transplant please?

I’m sure that Trump will love the name Trumpcare. We’ll all thank Trump for saving our lives instead of Obama. He will be a hero.

I’m fine with it. I’ll send him a goddamn cake. Just give me the medical treatment. That’s all I’m really looking for out of this. Thanks.

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