Editorial: This Town Was Better When That One-Eyed Guy Worked At The Chevron


February 7, 2016 - Local

By Jake Samuels, Pasadena

Dear Townspeople,

I’ve been doing some thinking about the good ol’ days. Those times when the sky seemed just a little bit bluer. Folks were friendlier. When someone asked you for things like ‘Wifi passwords’ and ‘phone chargers’, you just looked at them perplexed and said “What the hell are you talking about Jonny?! For the last time you can’t see the future so just stop it with the mumbo jumbo words!!”

And while I understand things are always changing, there’s one element from Pasadena’s past I just haven’t been able to let go:

That one-eyed guy who worked at the Chevron on Michilinda avenue.

Do you remember that guy? He was so mysterious and cool. He always wore that beaten-up Dodgers cap and scowled at the young people who entered his store. And he didn’t know the price of anything so he’d just charge you $7.50 for anything in the store?

I wonder where he is now. Does anyone know? Does he still live in Pasadena? In my mind he’s moved on to some other town that needs him more than we do right now. Maybe some drought-ridden frontier town that needs a little optimism at their local Chevron.

Should I call Chevron and ask? That seems a little over the top. I don’t even know what name to give them. Though how many one-eyed employees in this county could there be? I wouldn’t think more than three.

It’s probably a lost cause anyway. It just feels like things haven’t been the same since he left. The divisive politics, environmental damage, militarized policing, terrorism, the 1973 Oil Crisis…yes I know we can’t blame ALL of these problems on him leaving town but at least some of them are a direct result, yes?

I know things change. But that man was a piece of our history. And for some reason, I just can’t let go.

I know you’re still out there one-eyed Chevron clerk. I can feel you. I can sense your existence somewhere in this realm. Please, if you can hear me, I have just one request for you sir.

Please come home.

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