Editorial: The Second Ammendment Ought to Apply to Portable Cattle Prods


June 4, 2014 - Local

By Ted Stevens

Protecting one’s home and family is one of our most cherished rights in America.

The 2nd Amendment codified the right of citizens to protect their life, liberty, and property. Though controversial, the U.S. Supreme Court has most recently reaffirmed the right of U.S. citizens to carry firearms in the landmark cases District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago.

And yet, I have repeatedly been rebuked for attempting to carry a portable electric cattle prod in my hometown of Pasadena.

After much testing, I am confident The Hamilton PowerBlast 5000-Volt Cattle Prod with Interchangeable Shafts and SafeShock™ technology is the ideal self defense weapon.

In the event I was threatened, assuming I had no other recourse, I would be able to quickly deploy the PowerBlast to disable the attacker so that I could call the authorities for assistance. Effective enough to temporarily incapacitate a full-grown steer, the PowerBlast is strong enough to allow me to defend myself while also small enough to fit conveniently in a backpack or messenger bag.

It is also possible to discharge the device before an aggressor approaches, providing an auditory and visual effect to dissuade them from attacking.

Though I haven’t had to use it, I have engaged the PowerBlast in training scenarios and found it more than suitable. My son John won’t be “borrowing” the car keys without permission any time soon!

I have not received a response to my letters to the Chief of the Pasadena Police Department explaining the tactical and public safety benefits of citizens to arm themselves with portable cattle prods. Similarly, the N.R.A. executive committee has yet to respond to my requests for the opportunity to demonstrate its safety and efficiency in everyday use.

To concerned members of the community, I would remind you that there were no reported deaths last year due to portable electric cattle prods in the State of California.

In our dangerous world, I will do whatever it takes to have peace of mind and protect the ones I love.