Editorial: The High School Intern Shadowing Me At City Hall Needs To Be Stopped


March 12, 2017 - Local

by Jim McGrath, city council 

Ok I’ve had just about enough! This internship has turned from a teaching experience into some sort of charade in which my intellect and qualifications are constantly in question.

Take the other day. I was in my office, having a nice brandy. When my intern has the audacity to ask, “So you do this every morning?” What kind of question is that? And what sort of subordinate would dare question me at all when I am in my ten o’clock meeting? So now he thinks I’m an alcoholic? I don’t know what he writes in that notebook.

Let me give another example. Last week, I was in a very heated discussion with my colleagues about possible new zoning restrictions. And right during the throws of this political duel, my intern asks me, “Can you explain this bill to me?”

The little shit! He made me look like an idiot when I stammered and struggled to explain what the bill meant. And all my colleagues were laughing at me. It was an affront to my prestige as a member of the council.

Who called for this ridiculous chicanery in the first place? I’m beginning to think it was one of my rivals. Was it Sadie Mooston? Oh I swear if I find it was her… I’m finally going to tell everyone why her pupils were so large at the Veteran’s Day ceremony last fall.

In the meantime, I have to explain why I don’t like to use the bathroom and prefer to pee out my office window into the courtyard. Sigh…this going to be a long summer.

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