Editorial: The Health Department Needs To Step Aside And Let Lola’s Tacos Do What They Do Best


January 5, 2017 - Culture / Local

by Art Maddock, Pasadena

Enough of this nonsense! The City Health Department has unleashed a scourge of terror against one of Pasadena’s most beloved institutions- Lola’s Tacos. It began with an unannounced inspection that yielded a ‘D’ rating from the department. It has now culminated with the mandatory closure of Lola’s for two weeks or until it can prove it has taken care of the rodent feces problem in the storage closet. This constant harassment of this beloved restaurant is not just evil, it is madness, ¬†and we as citizens must demand a halt at once.

The fact of the matter is this. I don’t care what the hell they’re doing back there in the kitchen. Obviously it’s working. These tacos could be made out of tuberculosis for all I care. They’re that good.

I understand the health department plays an important role protecting us citizens from disease. I am fully aware that 99% of the time, I don’t want to get violently ill from eating at a local establishment. But we need to acknowledge those rare exceptions…those very institutions that could kill you with their food if they wanted to do and it would still be worth the extra $1.99 for avocado.

So I hope the city can get its fucking act together and let Lola’s do what they do best: serve delicious tacos. If that place closes down I’ll have to walk like six blocks to get good tacos from Super Taco. And don’t get me wrong I love Super Taco but Lola’s has this green sauce they use for the fish tacos that’s pretty unique.

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