Editorial: The Greatest Generation Was the Group that Entered Their 50s Around the Year 1320


August 25, 2014 - Universe

By Jessica Combine, Monrovia 

In the great narrative of our own mankind, there is one generation that rises above the rest, in my opinion. One generation that faced immense challenges, yet came together to rise above them with immaculate courage and bold action.

That generation was the group of folks that entered their 50s around the year 1320.

Boy, were they great. You had Merme Johannson of Norway, that guy who sailed from Oslo to Koethaan in 26 hours. And then there was Muhammed Al-Awali in Pakistan, who built that awesome rock-sculpture thing. That was so cool.

And who could forget how the Bulgarians rebounded from the Battle of Velbazhd in 1330? Damn, that was impressive. It was as if the whole thing never happened. Haven’t seen anything like that from the pussy generations that have followed.

When Otto the Merry become Duke of Corintha, well, I think that was a culminating event in a generation’s great history. And the after-party was probably the most kick-ass drunken event until Spinoza’s Bar Mitzvah in 1645.

And now, as our youth stumble into the future, we can only look back and marvel at that generation’s greatness.  For it seems apparent based on our track record that mankind will never achieve that level of greatness again.