Editorial: Put Beyonce On The $10 Bill


August 7, 2015 - Uncategorized / Universe

by Rosa Starr, Altadena

Ladies, we’re finally getting some recognition from the dickbags in Washington who  have so graciously decided to take a break from flaunting their junk on American icons and give us ladies a face on the $10 bill.

It’s a nice (and overdue) change. And I hope we choose a woman that superbly represents our gender to be the face of this new movement.

That’s why I think we need to think about this long and hard until we figure out that Beyonce is clearly the right person to put on the $10 bill.

Who else would it be, but Queen Bey herself? What other woman in American history has demonstrated such class, character, wit, and insurmountable talent? There is no doubt she is the best option.

Eleanor Roosevelt…yeah she was alright. But we’re talking about Bey here. Let’s be real. Did Eleanor have a website dedicated to her church? No. Eleanor didn’t even have a church. And she certainly was never nominated for a Grammy, Emmy, Golden Globe, or NAACP Image Award.

If Beyonce lived during Betsy Ross’ time she would have made a cooler American flag. And then she would have freed all the slaves. And she would have looked beautiful doing it.

Let’s not get jealous and give some other hoe the spotlight just to spite her. Harriet Tubman lived 91 years on this Earth and in all that time she never was able to make Drunk In Love. Who are we kidding here?

Beyonce is literally the best at everything, and for that reason she should be the choice for the $10 bill.

Let’s make this happen, ladies.