Editorial: Pope Francis, Will You Be My Dad?

Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square

September 7, 2015 - Local

By Craig Potter, 28, Altadena

Dear Pope Francis,

I think you are so cool. You seem like such a nice man who really cares about other people. And you’re down to earth, too. I think you are such a wonderful, loving person.

So I wanted to ask you something:

Would you be my dad?

See, I don’t have a dad right now. He’s in jail because he stole a car and ran away from the police. Mom says he is a bad influence on me, so I won’t be able to see him for a pretty long time.

That’s why I was thinking you could be my dad instead. It wouldn’t be too much hard work. You could just take me to baseball games every now and then. And maybe you could come to my graduate school and tell the other students about your job? I wouldn’t make you sign up for field trips or nothin’ since I know you’re busy.

I would make you proud, though. I would do all the religious stuff because I know that’s important to you. And I would make beautiful spaghetti art of us playing together. I think it would be pretty rad.

You’re a great pope, Mr. Francis, sir. But don’t you think you’d be an even better dad?

Hope we can talk more about this soon,


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