Editorial: OUTRAGEOUS: 2000 Years Of Popes And Not A Single One Has Been A Black Woman Of Color


September 27, 2015 - Universe

By Markus Greene, Pasadena

Let me throw out some numbers for you: 262. 1,982.

In the history of humanity there have been 262 different Popes spanning a period of 1,982 years. That’s almost 2,000 years of Popes.

And not one… no, not a single one, has been a woman of color.

Really Catholic Church?

I’m no statistician, but having 262 white guy Popes and not one SINGLE woman of color Pope seems like more than probability to me.

So what’s the deal? I don’t want to commit heresy here, but doesn’t it seem like the church is deliberately trying to not have a black female Pope?

If you’re still not convinced, consider this. In the last 1,982 years, mankind has done things like invent trigonometry, overthrow King James II in the Glorious Revolution, and invent pizza (probably).

But in all that time and history, we couldn’t make one female black Pope?

Here’s some more numbers. The Pasadena Residence Inn can hold 270 patrons. That means, if you filled the Residence Inn entirely with Popes, you wouldn’t have one black woman staying at the Residence Inn.

If you ordered 20.1 baker’s dozens worth of Pope donuts, not one of those donuts would be a black female Pope.

If you counted to fifty 1,000 times and then subtracted 4,730 that would give you the number of non-black-female Popes.

So, yeah. Pretty ridiculous. Sure, Francis seems like a nice dude. And he has the most likable smile since Hitler’s.

But before we crown him the next God or whatever, let’s remember the Church’s paltry history of black female inclusion.

The numbers just don’t lie.

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