Editorial: Nothing In Life Could Prepare Me For The Moment I Got Hit By A Semi-Trailer


June 14, 2016 - Local

By Ron Henson, Altadena

Folks, I have amassed a great deal of wisdom in life. I was raised in a privileged home, had a first-class education, and have worked in several industries in multiple countries around the world.

But nothing…no, nothing could prepare me for the moment I was struck by a semi-trailer while walking down the shoulder of the I-15 in Barstow.

Nothing could ready me for the moment I was lifted in the air and carried 43 feet down the side of an embankment.

Not one of my life experiences could prepare me for the millisecond my skull hit a rock and I lost consciousness.

Nay, not even my completion of traffic school, or the twelve years I spent as a highway patrol officer, could prepare me for when I was laying unconscious in a ditch for 3 hours before a homeless man saw me and called the police.

I’ve experienced a lot in my life, but this just goes to show you there are some things you just have to take as they come to you. Roll with the punches, if you will.

But I do hope some of my knowledge and experiences will help me find my left arm.

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