Editorial: Mom! Dad! Can Stephen Spielberg Tuck Me In Tonight?


October 22, 2017 - Local

by Lee Smith, Altadena

Mom! Dad!

I want to go to bed! Can someone tuck me in right now?!

No! Not mommy!

No! Not daddy!

I want Stephen Spielberg to tuck me in!

Sorry, but I just sleep better when America’s most perfect filmmaker puts me to bed.

I love you both, but you just don’t tuck as well as he does.

Daddy tucks with the frenetic moralism of Martin Scorcese. And Mommy tucks with the wild and wily dynamism of Tim Burton. It keeps me up all night and then I’m tired at school!

But Spielberg…he whispers to me gently. He makes me feel alive. Then he calms me down, tells me everything will be all right, America can be good, man is capable of morality in harsh circumstances, humanity is beautiful and I am loved. Then I fall gently to sleep.

Please go find billionaire mega-director Stephen Spielberg.

Don’t be offended. I just prefer his tucking is all.


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