Editorial: It Tastes Like Sand


February 19, 2017 - Culture

by Arnie Davis, Pasadena

Ew. Yuck. I don’t like this.

It’s all dry and crusty. Ich. This is so gross. So nasty.  Is it really food?

Pft pft. Sorry I just had to spit some out. I don’t think I could swallow all of it if I tried. I don’t have enough saliva. And what I was able to swallow scratched my throat on the way down.

Ahem, ahem. Agh. Agggghhhh. Some of the particles are getting caught in my airway. Ach. I can’t breathe. I’m just going to spit the rest of this out.

I don’t mean to be rude. I appreciate you made this for me. It’s just…well…

…it tastes like sand.



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