Editorial: Is It Racist To Say There Aren’t Enough Peruvians In Pasadena?


May 31, 2015 - Local / Uncategorized

by Lindsey Jacobs, Pasadena

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the culture of Pasadena. We have a diverse group, sure, but don’t you think it could use a little more spice?

Wouldn’t it be cool if we had, for example, more Peruvians in this town? And is that offensive to suggest?

Think about this: Peru is a cool country with a fascinating history. And the food is awesome. They do things with potatoes I had no idea was possible. They also are one of America’s oldest allies in the world.

So I don’t want to offend anyone, and please, someone tell me if this is over the top, but wouldn’t it not be the worst thing in the world if a Korean family moved out of town and Peruvians replaced them?

It doesn’t have to be specifically Koreans, mind you! Whites, Mexicans, they can leave too! I wouldn’t say Blacks though because we could always use more of them.

Wait, is that racist?

It seems like a gray area. But if anyone out there is listening I urge you to at least consider watching a documentary on Peru. Maybe it will inspire you to learn something about such a marvelous group of people.

And maybe you can join me in helping bring more members of this race to Pasadena. Wouldn’t it be nice to replace some of the other, shittier ones?