Editorial: If The Ocean Is Running Out Of Fish Why Do I Keep Finding Ones To Shoot From My Boat?


March 21, 2016 - Uncategorized

by Dale Brunard, Altadena

I’ve got a question for you. Everyone keeps saying ‘marine life is dying’, thanks to over-fishing and pollution. Some estimates show that nearly half of the world’s ocean wildlife have died out in the modern era.

So if that’s true, can I ask you all why I keep finding fish to shoot with my shotgun every time I take my boat out?

See, I’ve been boating for years. I like to take my canoe out in Marina Del Rey, chugging brews and laying in the hot sun with my shotgun to ward off sharks. And lately, I’ve been looking at the ocean to see if these so-called ‘scientists’ have any idea what they’re talking about.

And lo and behold, every day I go out there I see hundreds of fishes to shoot. Big ones, small ones, beautiful ones, rare ones. So many incredible fish to riddle with bullets. So where’s the ‘crisis’ here?

Pow! Another one dead. Pow! I think that one was a sea turtle. And look, another sea turtle. So I didn’t kill the last one after all, Mr. Scientist, huh? Pow! He’s dead too now. Pow! Pow pow pow!

So the point is, you can’t believe everything the scientists tell you. They and their ‘studies’ often don’t beat the test of opening your eyes and seeing a thousand fish to shoot.

Except when it comes to global warming. Clearly it is real and man-made. Let’s not be ignorant, folks.