Editorial: If Only Photoshop Were Real


January 27, 2017 - Local

by Daniel Gregg, Altadena

If only. If only it were real. That the images expressed in this mystical Adobe program could reflect a reality as true as our own. If only it were a mirror, without the contorted twists, the disfigurement of the realm of fantasy.

Alas! It is not so. This Photoshop image is nothing but a dream, a portrait of imagination that bears no weight or significance on the material world around us.

Oh how cruel. For such a gratifying visage to be nothing more than an illusion. The demented vision of a desperate lunatic. Oh, what torture! What a brutal fate for a man who just wanted a little bit more from life!

If only. If only I could be zip lining with Barack Obama over the San Diego Zoo. Then everything would be right with the world. But it is not so, and it will never be so. So this JPG will have to do.

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