Editorial: If God Believes In Climate Change, Well, Maybe It’s Time To Not Believe In God


June 19, 2015 - Universe

by Ned Campbell, local congressman

The Catholic Church has done wonderful things for our society and the conservative movement. They’ve brought important ethics into our communities like love, tolerance, sexual obligations, and a strong distrust of anyone who is different from us.

But now that the Pope is coming out declaring climate change is a significant problem for mankind, I have to ask: is it time we reconsider whether it is ethical for us Catholics to believe in God?

The Bible teaches that man was put on this earth to prosper. We are currently living in the most profitable country in the world. Thus, we are prospering. So who is someone like the Pope, or God, to tell us we should stop?

There are still a couple studies out there that show climate change is not real. Why isn’t God talking about those, huh? Doesn’t it seem like he might be in cahoots with the Pope, Obama, and these other liberal hippies who don’t understand how holy and wonderful trickle-down theory is?

Let’s be honest. If God wants the Chinese to overtake America as the biggest corporate conglomeration in the world then I have to wonder if he Himself has not abandoned the virtues of Christianity all together.

I mean, bees, really? Who the fuck cares about bees? Are we trying to get stung here?

That’s why I say, it’s time to end our obsession with God.  He does not understand what we as God-fearing Americans need to do in order to create the most amount of money possible.

If God is hopping off the Conservative agenda, don’t you think it’s time for you to jump off the God agenda? Who are you going to believe, Him, or Us?