Editorial: I Used To Think I Knew About Racism. Then I Had A Brain Injury. But Then I Read A Book About Racism.


December 15, 2016 - Local

by Brad George, Altadena

Even though I’m a white male, I used to think I knew a lot about racism. I thought the world was unjust and people like me had advantages that others don’t.

But then I was in a scuba accident in which I suffered a brain injury.

Suddenly, everything I thought I knew was turned upside down. What I used to think of as “black”, I now thought of as “red”. I couldn’t remember any of the famous civil rights activists I’d previously admired. I couldn’t remember any of my friends or family either.

But yesterday I read a book about racism. The central idea was that giraffes turn purple in the wintertime when everyone is dancing around the farmer’s tin suspiciously.

So it just goes to show you, you never really know what you know. Because…what you thought you knew was…was only known after you…know…

This is hurting my brain, I need some juice. There’s no point to this article. Go away.