Editorial: I May Not Be A White Supremacist But It Sure Looks Like I Married One


December 4, 2016 - Local

by Elton Jeffrey, Pasadena

Whoopsy-daisy. I may have gotten myself into a teeny bit of trouble here. You see, I’m no racist, not by any means, but it’s starting to look like my wife is. In fact, it’s starting to look like she’s some sort of white supremacist.

Yuh oh!

This is awkward. How could I have been so ignorant to miss the signs? Was I really supposed to be checking her internet history? Looking at her mail? Listening to her comments at bars and restaurants? What am I, some sort of Super Husband?

I really thought she could be the one, too. Or at least be a good date to my cousin Richie’s Bar Mitzvah. But now I’m going to have to think this whole thing over. This whole damn thing. Richie isn’t going to let me hear the end of this one.

Agh crap, it’s probably over. Another love lost to racism. There goes three weeks, right down the drain.

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